I am currently a Senior at Northern Kentucky University.  I am working towards a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and continuing to obtain a Masters of Business Administration.  I am currently an Academic Coordinator in the Office of Student Excellence in the College of Business.  Our office provides Undergraduate Advising to students and is working on freshman

 recruitment and retention.

     I have over thirty years of Business Experience in multiple positions.   My favorite job was manager of ten employees at a local winery.  I would like to get my degree and get a management job at a restaurant, hotel or winery.  I have three children starting college, beginning next year so my current position is beneficial for my family at this time. 

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I attended Kent State University in 1985-1988, majoring in Finance.  I had trouble with Financial Aid so I quit to go to work Full Time.  I took a couple of classes at UMASS Boston and I am currently attending NKU and expect to graduate in 2018.

Work Experience:

I just started working full time in June in COB Advising.  I have been working for two years in the Dean's Office as an Administrative Assistant.  This position was part time and did not have benefits and tuition reimbursement so I began applying for full time positions.

Prior to NKU; I was managing the Baker-Bird Winery in Augusta, Kentucky for approximately five years.  I was a tour guide, wine sommelier, event planner, designer, recruiter, hirer, trainer, manager, etc. 

While at the Winery, I prepared meals for large events.  I had my kitchen certified by the Health Inspector and became a Caterer.  I had several catering jobs, on the side.  I learned this is where my passion lies.  I am working towards eventually owning my own restaurant.

I have an array of computer experience.  When I began, I attended coding training.  I worked on the first word processing system at Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District in 1985. 

I began working at the New England Life Mutual Insurance Company who transferred me to Boston, Massachusetts.  In 1989 I became a Brokerage Cashier but decided that was not my forte. 

I went to work for Fidelity Investments in 1990.  I worked on preparing a training manual for phone representatives transitioning from Mainframe to Workstations with Windows.  I worked on mainframe, workstation and the voice response systems.  I worked on systems ever since.  It always came very easily to me.

At the Winery, I developed an extensive Payroll Management and Scheduling database with Excel spreadsheets prior to our acquisition of QuickBooks.

I've had experience with HTML building webpages at Fidelity, at the Winery, and at NKU.

Computer Experience:


I have helped out with my Church Community through many Volunteer Positions.   

I was Festival Dinner Chairman for 7 years, which consisted of assigning 50 members of the parish jobs to complete 1,000 country ham and fried chicken dinners in one day.  I was School PTO Secretary for 8 years and I volunteered in the Cafeteria many times a month for 8 years.

I also joined the City of Augusta and voluntarily participated on the Ghost Tour Committee, Scenic By-Way Committee, and Regatta Committee.  My last volunteer position was at Bravo Café where I managed, hired, trained employees,  created the menu, and weekly I shopped for all food and serving supplies.