I have helped out with my Church Community through many Volunteer Positions.   

I was Festival Dinner Chairman for 7 years, which consisted of assigning 50 members of the parish jobs to complete 1,000 country ham and fried chicken dinners in one day.  I was School PTO Secretary for 8 years and I volunteered in the Cafeteria many times a month for 8 years.

St. Augustine School

City of Augusta

I joined the City of Augusta and voluntarily participated on the Ghost Tour Committee, Scenic By-Way Committee, and Regatta Committee.  I was narrator for Bus Tours around town as well as during the Ghost Tour telling Ghost Stories.

Volunteer Help for a friend and experience for me.

 I managed, hired, trained employees,  created the menu, and weekly I shopped for all food and serving supplies.

 I also served and cooked.

Bravo Café                                                                                  Summer, 2016

Community Activities