I have an array of computer experience.  When I began, I attended coding training.  I worked on the first word processing system at Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District in 1985. 

I began working at the New England Life Mutual Insurance Company who transferred me to Boston, Massachusetts.  In 1989 I became a Brokerage Cashier but decided that was not my forte. 

I went to work for Fidelity Investments in 1990.  I worked on preparing a training manual for phone representatives transitioning from Mainframe to Workstations with Windows.  I worked on mainframe, workstation and the voice response systems.  I worked on systems ever since.  It always came very easily to me.

At the Winery, I developed an extensive Payroll Management and Scheduling database with Excel spreadsheets prior to our acquisition of QuickBooks.

I've had experience with HTML building webpages at Fidelity, at the Winery, and at NKU.

Computer Skills